Cerec One Day Crown

Dr. Bailey is committed to providing the best possible care and the best possible price. One of the ways he has done this is by make sure that the office has the latest technology, the CEREC machine has been an amazing addition to the office, allowing us to offer crowns in 1 day.


The benefits of a Cerec ONE DAY CROWN:

  • No messy impressions, let’s be honest no one likes getting those anyways
  • No temporary crown, which means less irritation to the gums
  • Cerec crowns are made of Porcelain, so it looks and feels like a natural tooth
  • It’s a more conservative restoration which retains more healthy tooth structure
  • No need for a second visit, saving you time and money

The Process of a CEREC ONE DAY CROWN

Exam and Preparation

Dr. Bailey examines your teeth and determines the appropriate treatment for you. CEREC can be used for everything from a simple filling to a full crown, depending upon how much healthy tooth structure remains. Next, Dr. Bailey prepares your tooth for its restoration, removing decayed and weakened tooth structure.

Optical Impression

Compared to the old method of getting impressions done, where they fill a tray with impression putty and requiring you to bite into and hold it, Dr. Bailey simply coats the tooth with a non-toxic tasteless powder. The CEREC digital 3D camera is then used to create a virtual image on the computer. This entire Optical Impression process takes only a few minutes and gives us a much more accurate view, which helps Dr. Bailey determine the best method of treatment.


Restoration Creation

Lastly, using the 3D virtual model created by the CEREC 3D software, a high-quality porcelain crown for your tooth.  The Cerec Machine allows us to customize every detail of the crown to fit your specific needs with perfect shape and color.

Within a time span of about 60 minutes, your customized, all-porcelain, tooth-colored restoration is completed and ready to bond into place. Finally, Dr. Bailey then checks the position of the restoration in your mouth, ensuring proper fit and bite. The final step is then to polish and finally bond the crown to the prepared tooth.

This whole process takes place in roughly about two and a half hours from start to finish.

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