How & Why to Do Tongue Scraping

Tongue scraping is something Dr. Bailey and his staff strongly encourages everyone to do on a daily basis.  It is a simple thing that doesn’t take much time but is often over looked.  There are a number of good reasons to make tongue scraping part of your daily routine.


Benefits of tongue scraping:

  1. Helps your Body Detox. While you sleep you bodies digestive system works to detoxify your body.  Toxins throughout the day build up on the tongue.  When you scrape your tongue you remove those toxins from your body, which improves the effectiveness of your digestive system.
  2. Better Oral Health. When you remove bacteria and toxins from the tongue you prevent things like cavities, plaque-build up & gum disease.
  3. Better Breath. A tongue scraper can clean all the hard to reach areas of the back of the tongue, where bacteria can develop which results in bad breath.
  4. Better Ability to taste the flavors of your food. After using a tongue scraper, the film of toxins is cleared off of your taste buds allowing your foods to taste better.

There are a variety of plastic and metal scrapers on the market, but for the most part it is simply a matter of preference.   As long as you have one that you like and will use on a daily basis the style doesn’t really matter.


Many of you might be thinking that you brush your tongue, so isn’t that good enough. The answer is NO, if you don’t believe us then try a tongue scraper after brushing and just see for yourself.   When you clean your tongue with your toothbrush, you are basically just moving the bacteria, food debris, and toxins around and aside from staying on your tongue, they can actually get onto your toothbrush and then you end up putting them right back in your mouth the next time you brush.

I think for many of you after reading this will be going out and buying ourselves a dedicated tongue cleaner.  A quick cleaning once or twice a day is all you really need to me healthier and happier.