One of the great services that we offer here in the office is INVISALIGN.  The INVISALIGN service is for adults and is done on a case by case basis.  For those interested, it’s as simple as asking Dr. Bailey if you would be a good candidate; unfortunately the service is not for everyone.

There are many benefits of INVISALIGN versus traditional braces. For many of us braces are and always have been something that we are embarrassed about, but INVISALIGN’s clear aligner trays are virtually invisible. Most people won’t even know you are wearing INVISALIGN, so there will be no reason to hide your smile. Braces can also be very uncomfortable with the wires poking cheeks, something you don’t have with the INVISALIGN trays. Another annoying thing about braces is the restrictions that are put on you over what foods you can and can’t eat, but with the INVISALIGN’s removable trays this issue is eliminated all together.  The removable trays also allow you to brush and floss as normal, making sure that while you are fixing one problem that you aren’t causing others (such as cavities).  Many people also find the convenience factor a big benefit, rather than needing to go regular Orthodontic visits for checkups and adjustments to the braces, INVISALIGN is done here with Dr. Bailey and requires fewer doctor checkups then regular braces.  And if all of that hasn’t convinced you yet, then there is the cost factor.  INVISALIGN is the cheaper route to go for many patients.  Yes, both braces and INVISALIGN are covered by most dental insurances, but often only covers a percentage of the cost.

INVISALIGN is a cutting-edge approach to straightening your teeth, making it more convenient and cost efficient than traditional braces. It is designed to have minimal interference in how you live, but has a significant positive impact on how you look and feel about yourself. Sure, there are other options out there for straightening your teeth, but when you go through the pros/cons you will realize that INVISALIGN just makes sense. There is no reason to be putting this off any longer, during your next checkup ask Dr. Bailey if INVISALIGN would be a good option for you.